The best mobile geolocation app for Android, IOS, Windows operating systems

About our application - a mobile application for devices running on the Android operating system, the IOS and Windows. Defining application user geolocation (GPS) allows real-time to see what is happening around in a radius of 10 km.

Big opportunities for the user:

  • post reviews of places visited, as a business, or just a geographical;
  • make interesting places (business or geographical);
  • add comments, pictures, videos;
  • chat with other users

All activities are implemented in a format understandable for any user and available to all. For standard placement fee is charged.

Application functionality

  • Map and list of interesting places. It is possible to create a route to your destination in three ways: by car, by bike, on foot (maybe public transport).
  • Rating of businesses.
  • Privacy Settings.
  • User Status. It allows you to communicate with people who have consented. It varies depending on the purpose of the communication.
  • The ability to add a new location and give feedback.
  • Flea market. c
  • Мульти-кошелек. Possibility to sale goods. It may be personal belongings and any small share of local shops. Adding a product is carried out in a very simple manner. (Range 10km). 
  • Games. Simple game to help pass the wait time (the airport ...)

Who we are?

A group of independent developers from different countries: Russia, Israel, Ukraine, the Baltic countries.

We want to see our planet without borders!

Our application - the first step in this direction. In any country with the help of people will feel confident!

We are confident that our application will help remove informational, linguistic and social barriers.

Plan of development

  1. Autumn-winter 2016-2017 - development of technical and economic data project.
  2. Summer 2017 - Issue a base beta version of the application and transfer of testing.
  3. Autumn-winter 2017-2018 - major version release and the start of applications for the dissemination of marketing campaigns around the world.
  4. 2021 (approx) - withdrawal of shares applications on high-tech Nasdaq exchange.

Application available on: